Using Creative Time Wisely


Remember the Knight scene in the third Indiana Jones movie?  “He chose poorly.”  That is exactly how I feel at night these days.

My days are filled with the normal stuff I do – working on the novel rewrite, teaching the foster dog things, blogging for our foster dog plus a couple of others, watching a couple episodes of some favorite TV series (I love Top Gear on the BBC).

But where do I focus my creative ideas?  I’m a little over saturated with the characters from my novel.  I’ve got a plan for book #2, but would tear my (still very thin) hair out if I spent any more time with those people at the moment.

This leaves me to choose between the bevy of other ideas that have been clanking around in my head for the past year or so.  Something I’ve already started scribbling on – like my psycho killer or my slave story?  Or maybe something I just have outlined a bit – like the bank robbery short fiction piece?  Or do I have fun exploring an odd new concept that has been fermenting for a few weeks involving photography?

I suppose it doesn’t really matter in the end.  The novel has momentum to see me through the finish (I’ve started shopping around for cover art options, which is exciting).  That same momentum should get me through a bit of something else to keep things fresh.

How do you choose between new projects you want to work on? 

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