Merry Christmas and Happy Holiday Season!

The Holidays are a good time for reflection about what you have.  A time to appreciate the good things in your life.  A time to be the only house in your Southern Tennessee neighborhood not slathered in colored lights. No matter what you celebrate or how, I think we can all agree that it’s usually […]

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Your Opinion Needed – To Scribe or Not to Scribe?

I am asking for your help today with my story.  My march towards the end of my Junk Draft, and it has me contemplating things I’m going to run into when I dive back in for my initial re-write.  My editor has offered up some great ideas and questions for me, but I need your […]

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3 Lessons I’m Learning as a Cancer Survivor

Surviving cancer is teaching me new things, and it has drawn others into tight focus.  I’ve surprised myself that I don’t dwell on the “What If’s” of the situation.  The answer to all of the “What If” questions is the same – and it would have been unpleasant – but I don’t really care. What’s […]

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Sneak Peek – The fantasy novel.

Just a quick sneak peek at the best line from last night’s writing session working on my fantasy novel, “The Priest.” Only the lowliest of cowards would come offering information jeopardizing the safety of his comrades in return for some desire, Plateri thought, but what do I care? The end of the Junk Draft isn’t […]

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The Return Move – Living with Lymphoma Week 37

With my clean PET Scan in October came the reality that we were going to be moving back to Tennessee after our seven month visit to the Boston area.  This was our third long-distance move in 15 months (plus a local move in TN).  We were going to be finally moving into our new house […]

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It’s all in the Wrist – Living with Lymphoma Week 34

Magic tricks, a wicked wrist-shot, that forehand winner at Wimbledon, and having your cancer in remission… What do they all have in common?  A single phrase: It’s all in the Wrist. The Lovely Bride suggested that Week 33’s update might have been a little too much of a downer.  “You need to give people hope,” […]

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Status: REMISSION – Living with Lymphoma Week 33

I’m in Remission. There, I said it.  My post-chemotherapy PET Scan on Tuesday was completely negative.  Remember how freaked out I was to discover that my cancer wasn’t going to be a simple fix?  That it was Stage IV?  It’s hard to believe that was only six months ago.  I remember looking at the scan […]

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Progress and Persevere – Living with Lymphoma Week 32

I’ve talked at length here about the need to make changes in my life and work harder at doing the things I’m inspired to do. I’ve discussed it until everyone, including me, is thinking “yeah, yeah, hurray… good for you.  shut up and do it already!”  So I did. I’ve made a few minor tweaks […]

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Mile Marker Zero – Living with Lymphoma Week 30

Having survived last week’s visit to Rock Bottom, I have now moved on to the beginning of the long road that will be recovery.  Thankfully, I’ve been down this road before with the brain surgery and have learned some valuable lessons. These lessons aren’t new.  They have been around a LONG time.  I find myself […]

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Rock Bottom – Living with Lymphoma Week 29.2

Yep, I think we’re there – today, two days after chemo, is typically my most difficult day after an infusion.  We’ve had six months of treatments whose cumulative effects have brought us to today. We’re at Rock Bottom. You wanted proof?  How about this… I’m sick.  I’m miserable.  I’m weak.  And I’m tired.  And eyelashes? […]

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