Five Year Anniversary – Living with Lymphoma Week 21

Happy Brain Tumor Anniversary to ME!

Happy Brain Tumor Anniversary to ME!

First thing – Today is the fifth anniversary of my 14 hour brain surgery to remove my Acoustic Neuroma brain tumor.  Hurray, right?  Yeah…

How am I celebrating?  By having Chemotherapy, of course.  How else would someone celebrate that milestone??

My miles today are going to be done in place.  Today is Chemo session #8 (of a scheduled 12).  I know, there’s a light at the end of the tunnel and all that.  You’ll excuse if I’m not quite so excited.  I am glad that the majority of the sessions are behind me, and I’m hoping that today and the upcoming four aren’t too bad.  So there will be plenty of wear and tear miles on my body, just none to track with Garmin.

I want to thank you all for continuing to ask me #whereareyourmiles.  With your encouragement, I got back on my bike several days this week and rode 64 miles.  My body feels pretty strong going into today’s treatment – I think the biking is a huge part of that.

Speaking of the bike – I got an offer from an anonymous donor to have my bike miles raise money for charity.  I’ll talk more about this later this week, but I think it’s a super idea.  It will be another thing to help keep me motivated, and it will help others at the same time.  Win.  Win.  Win!

I’ve gotten tons of feedback from all of you over the past couple of weeks.  I appreciate everyone’s participation!

Chemo #8 - Oh, for fun.

Chemo #8 – Oh, for fun.

The continued well wishes and good thoughts are always appreciated, along with all the prayers!  Speaking of prayers – Lovely Bride got a call from a friend of hers this past week who has kindly gotten me on a prayer list with a group of very devout Catholic Sisters who have offered their entire lives to prayer and contemplation – and have a list of sick people that they pray for on a daily basis (I’d love to tell you which one, but I’m not sure of the exact group and would hate to get it wrong).

That’s a lot of support from everyone – and it seems to be working great, so THANK YOU ALL!

More soon.  Not sure how much I’ll be on Facebook today given how I’ve been feeling during my chemo sessions lately, but I’m sure I’ll be on with a fun picture or two this afternoon.  So check in if you have time…

I am working on some interesting info for the next few articles – we’ll talk about the charity idea that one of you sent me, and I’ve also been granted an interview with a good friend who is going back into battle with cancer who I think is going to have some incredible insights into dealing with this as a patient, friend, or family member.  Good stuff.



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