Endings and Beginnings – Fantasy Novel Update

I've been keeping busy!

I’ve been keeping busy!

The new year is upon us.  No, this isn’t going to be another “New Year” post.  I hate those.

As everyone else is beginning new goals – reading books, losing weight, eating healthy, getting in shape – I’m working on an ending.  I’m near the end of the “Junk Draft” on my fantasy novel.  My characters are completing the journeys they’ve been traveling.  Triumph, tragedy, more tragedy, a little triumph… you get the idea.

I am looking forward to the first rewrite.  My rewriting and editing skills are FAR better than my initial drafting skills, so it will be the fun part for me.  Then I’ll have a readable story, though still far from finished.

Then comes the beginning of the difficult bits.  Hiring cover art, sifting through the draft several more times to tease out the best book possible, finding a good interior designer to be sure the print copy is first rate (the article floating around the internet about how physical books are better for us than e-books makes me want to bash my head against the wall), a marketing plan, etc…

What was the last big project you worked on?  Maybe a painting – then you had to choose a frame, get it framed, decide where to hang it, how to price it (if you were planning to sell it).  Or a car restoration – you got all the body work finished, straight, and smooth… but the engine is still on its work stand.  That family portrait wall in the family room?  Are the pictures edited?  Printed?  Framed?

Here’s to getting all the steps done for our big projects!

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  1. miki boni January 14, 2015 at 10:30 pm #

    On, onward, on Mr. Miller! I can totally relate. Now in the process of creating a series of ‘Otherworldlies’ — now that my sketches are done, I’m doing the fun part. But like editing, they’ll probably end up quite unlike the sketches. Want to have them all ready for Palate 2 Palette in April. They are having an Oz theme this year, so I guess these will be my Emerald City Ladies or maybe Daughters of Oz.

    We just got back from St. Pete’s Beach in FL, visiting old friends, wondering what we are doing in the cold….

    Sounds like you’re close to the next fun steps! Hugs to u and Kate.

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