Diagnosis: Brain Tumor

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Diagnosis: Brain Tumor

How’s your life?  Chris thought his life was terrific until an odd combination of symptoms leads to a hunt for an elusive diagnosis.  The result is one that astonishes everyone – a rare brain tumor.

This begins the powerful story of his odyssey into a medical nightmare that would change him forever and the unconditional love and support that would see him through.  Diagnosis: Brain Tumor – My Acoustic Neuroma Story pulls you into this fascinating story of a man who is forced to overcome an ordeal crushing him before it shows him the way forward.



Since I wasn’t allowed to move my head or upper body at all, I was watching my toes wiggle a little dance in my sneakers while I sang, in my head, the song that the Typewriter Guy used to sing on Sesame Street. Nooooney, Noooney, Nooney, Noo… T. Toes. I chuckled a little. I was in the middle of getting a cranial MRI scan and was watching my toes do their little dance in my sneakers in the angled mirror that I think was supposed to make me feel less claustrophobic. I just thought it was handy for keeping an eye on my toes while they wiggled and danced to the song I sang in my head. I’m guessing that’s not what the company who designed the MRI machine really had in mind, but I wasn’t worried about it.
A sudden movement in the smoked glass window beyond my feet caught my eye. The silhouette in the control room was pointing and gesturing at something. There were quickly other shadows that came over to gather around and see what had attracted the first silhouette’s attention. My song faded off into nothing and my toes stopped dancing as the profile of a man wearing a tie came into view and started pointing and gesturing as well.
This can’t be good, I thought. Pointing and gesturing during medical tests like an MRI is generally bad, even if it’s just pointing done by silhouettes and shadows. Little did I know what the future held in store for me.