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Creation of the Day – Jan 20th

My work on the fantasy novel continues apace.  I can see the final miles of the road ahead – most of them filled with small additions and shuffling scenes around a little.  The path from dull to vaguely interesting has been long and full of head-bashing moments.  But then there are days where a tiny […]

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Time to Make the Donuts – Living With Lymphoma Week 9.5

I’ve hit a strange point in my cancer process.  I’ve hit the “Diurnal Task” point. Oh jeez, you’re thinking, what the hell is he talking about now? Do you remember a few weeks ago – I was posting something almost every day here.  There was so much happening; so much information to get out.  Honestly? […]

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Chemotherapy Appointment Two – Living With Lymphoma Week 9

  I was much less nervous as we headed to the cancer institute for my second chemotherapy yesterday.  I was pretty sure they were going to be able to use my new portacath (and there were a few nerves about that, but it seemed like a good thing), and having now gone through one chemo […]

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Organization: An Outline – What a concept!

If you’ve read my book, you’ve heard me talk about being Right Brained.  I’m the dreamer, the artist, the musician, the idea guy.  The Mercedes Benz ad photo to the right pretty much sums it up.  I can pie-in-the-sky with the best of them.  I’m the guy who made up the Dickens-esque story about the […]

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