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Creation of the Day – Jan 20th

My work on the fantasy novel continues apace.  I can see the final miles of the road ahead – most of them filled with small additions and shuffling scenes around a little.  The path from dull to vaguely interesting has been long and full of head-bashing moments.  But then there are days where a tiny […]

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One Road, Two Directions – Living with Lymphoma Week 75

Retrospection & Consideration. Back or forward – which is the best way to look? There hasn’t been much time for me to look back.  And when I do, the things I see are strange. A guy on an Acoustic Neuroma Facebook group I belong to recently solicited positive things people had gone on to do […]

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Green Courage – Living with Lymphoma Week 54

This article is for all us people dealing with illness.  Cancer patients, survivors, my fellow Acoustic Neuroma warriors – anyone fighting the good fight. I want you all to ignore the healthy people.  Just for a few minutes.  Let’s stop thanking them for everything.  Let’s stop offering them advice and understanding on how they to […]

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Endings and Beginnings – Fantasy Novel Update

The new year is upon us.  No, this isn’t going to be another “New Year” post.  I hate those. As everyone else is beginning new goals – reading books, losing weight, eating healthy, getting in shape – I’m working on an ending.  I’m near the end of the “Junk Draft” on my fantasy novel.  My characters […]

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Your Opinion Needed – To Scribe or Not to Scribe?

I am asking for your help today with my story.  My march towards the end of my Junk Draft, and it has me contemplating things I’m going to run into when I dive back in for my initial re-write.  My editor has offered up some great ideas and questions for me, but I need your […]

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Progress and Persevere – Living with Lymphoma Week 32

I’ve talked at length here about the need to make changes in my life and work harder at doing the things I’m inspired to do. I’ve discussed it until everyone, including me, is thinking “yeah, yeah, hurray… good for you.  shut up and do it already!”  So I did. I’ve made a few minor tweaks […]

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The Eleventh Hour – Living with Lymphoma Week 26

Have your last couple of weeks been as crazy as mine?  I hope not.  The good news is that I don’t usually have to learn too many lessons twice.  I have been feeling pretty good this week, but have been very tired.  Absolutely exhausted, if I were to be honest with you.  The chemotherapy is […]

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Rainy Day Wordcounts

Rainy days are usually kind of a downer for me.  No bike rides – not even a chance to come up with excuses on days like today – though I’m going to get on the trainer while watching Shark Week this evening.  And just kind of a bleary day. However, *comma*… They do make for […]

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Writing Sample – A Little Tidbit of a Current Project

I promised last night on the Facebook Page (hey seriously, exactly why haven’t you liked my page yet?) that I would share a bit of my current “Psycho Killer” project.  In my mind, the plot is a pretty terrifying scenario – I’m hoping it translates that way onto the page. This little poem is created as […]

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Time to Make the Donuts – Living With Lymphoma Week 9.5

I’ve hit a strange point in my cancer process.  I’ve hit the “Diurnal Task” point. Oh jeez, you’re thinking, what the hell is he talking about now? Do you remember a few weeks ago – I was posting something almost every day here.  There was so much happening; so much information to get out.  Honestly? […]

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