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Tinkering with Time – Living with Lymphoma Week 100 Plus

Everyone wishes they had more control over time. We wish we could go back and change the past, have more time for the things we love in the present, and peer out to see what the future holds. I’ve found myself manipulating time this week. And I’ve managed all three of those things. I’ve been […]

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Retrospective Reminiscing – Living with Lymphoma Week 105

It’s that moment you realize March has rolled around again. For you it may bring thoughts of spring flowers or warm weather to get outside. Maybe you’re Irish or you just take your Shakespeare way too seriously. For me, it has a little more meaning. It’s the second anniversary of Living with Lymphoma. The days would […]

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One Road, Two Directions – Living with Lymphoma Week 75

Retrospection & Consideration. Back or forward – which is the best way to look? There hasn’t been much time for me to look back.  And when I do, the things I see are strange. A guy on an Acoustic Neuroma Facebook group I belong to recently solicited positive things people had gone on to do […]

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Using Creative Time Wisely

Remember the Knight scene in the third Indiana Jones movie?  “He chose poorly.”  That is exactly how I feel at night these days. My days are filled with the normal stuff I do – working on the novel rewrite, teaching the foster dog things, blogging for our foster dog plus a couple of others, watching […]

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Fantastic Ideas (always arrive just before I fall asleep)

Does your mind work regular hours?  Can you convince it to be productive on the job, then leave you alone for a while? Or do you hit your head on the toilet and dream up the Flux Capacitor? I’m a raging insomniac, anyway – especially since my brain surgery – so I usually spend the […]

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The Return Move – Living with Lymphoma Week 37

With my clean PET Scan in October came the reality that we were going to be moving back to Tennessee after our seven month visit to the Boston area.  This was our third long-distance move in 15 months (plus a local move in TN).  We were going to be finally moving into our new house […]

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It’s all in the Wrist – Living with Lymphoma Week 34

Magic tricks, a wicked wrist-shot, that forehand winner at Wimbledon, and having your cancer in remission… What do they all have in common?  A single phrase: It’s all in the Wrist. The Lovely Bride suggested that Week 33’s update might have been a little too much of a downer.  “You need to give people hope,” […]

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Progress and Persevere – Living with Lymphoma Week 32

I’ve talked at length here about the need to make changes in my life and work harder at doing the things I’m inspired to do. I’ve discussed it until everyone, including me, is thinking “yeah, yeah, hurray… good for you.  shut up and do it already!”  So I did. I’ve made a few minor tweaks […]

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Rock Bottom – Living with Lymphoma Week 29.2

Yep, I think we’re there – today, two days after chemo, is typically my most difficult day after an infusion.  We’ve had six months of treatments whose cumulative effects have brought us to today. We’re at Rock Bottom. You wanted proof?  How about this… I’m sick.  I’m miserable.  I’m weak.  And I’m tired.  And eyelashes? […]

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My Final Chemotherapy Treatment – Living with Lymphoma Week 29

Final.  End.  Ultimate.  Finish.  Conclusion.  Last. Those were some of the words I was thinking about as the Lovely Bride and I headed to my Twelfth (cycle 6b, for you medical types), and final chemotherapy appointment on Monday.  My feelings vacillated about it.  I wanted to be excited about the chemotherapy being over, really I did. […]

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