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One Road, Two Directions – Living with Lymphoma Week 75

Retrospection & Consideration. Back or forward – which is the best way to look? There hasn’t been much time for me to look back.  And when I do, the things I see are strange. A guy on an Acoustic Neuroma Facebook group I belong to recently solicited positive things people had gone on to do […]

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The Return Move – Living with Lymphoma Week 37

With my clean PET Scan in October came the reality that we were going to be moving back to Tennessee after our seven month visit to the Boston area.  This was our third long-distance move in 15 months (plus a local move in TN).  We were going to be finally moving into our new house […]

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Status: REMISSION – Living with Lymphoma Week 33

I’m in Remission. There, I said it.  My post-chemotherapy PET Scan on Tuesday was completely negative.  Remember how freaked out I was to discover that my cancer wasn’t going to be a simple fix?  That it was Stage IV?  It’s hard to believe that was only six months ago.  I remember looking at the scan […]

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5 Things Cancer has taken that I Want Back – Living with Lymphoma Week 27

No Matter What type of illness, whether it is a common headcold or terminal cancer takes certain things from us that we would like back.  A headcold might take away your ability to breathe through your nose, right?  Or the Flu has given you a fever that keeps you in bed for a few days. […]

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The Eleventh Hour – Living with Lymphoma Week 26

Have your last couple of weeks been as crazy as mine?  I hope not.  The good news is that I don’t usually have to learn too many lessons twice.  I have been feeling pretty good this week, but have been very tired.  Absolutely exhausted, if I were to be honest with you.  The chemotherapy is […]

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Two Steps Back – Living with Lymphoma Week 23

What a week.  Things had been going great, right?  I was feeling well enough after my last couple of chemotherapy treatments that I was really starting to challenge myself – and you.  I was going to ride my bike and write.  You were going to live whatever dream it is you’ve got huddled down inside […]

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Contemplating the Way Forward – Living with Lymphoma Week 22

The Future. It’s an interesting concept when we think about it –  Time moving forward.  The unknown.  Where do we go from here?  I think as a species we’ve always been driven by the future.  Driven by the desire to see around the next bend, over the next mountain, or a new shore.  Newton, Magellan, […]

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Vive le Inspiration – Living with Lymphoma Week 20

I want to talk a little about inspiration and dedication today.  First – Happy Bastille Day to any who celebrate.  What the hell does Bastille Day have to do with Cancer, you ask? Plenty. It’s all about inspiration after being downtrodden.  I would tend to say that I don’t have the best luck with medical stuff, […]

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Virtual Group Ride – Living with Lymphoma Week 19.5

I told you earlier this week that I needed your help in keeping my DRIVE — my motivation — as we continue this fight.  Yes, you’ll notice that after the three days of recovery from Chemotherapy #7, I’m willing to call this a fight.  Man that was miserable.  Really uncomfortable during the infusion itself, then […]

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Total Cost of Acquisition; & the Dog’s Birthday – Living with Lymphoma Week 19

I hope everyone had a great Holiday weekend!  I also appreciate all the check-in’s to make sure I’m okay since I hadn’t posted much in a few days – I’ve just been a little busy with other things, not to worry. I’ve spent the last week thinking about how I’ve been choosing to deal with […]

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