_MG_2445b1C. Michael Miller’s life took a drastic turn with his 2009 brain tumor diagnosis.  He has since been focused on helping other people in several ways through his writing.  His first book, Diagnosis: Brain Tumor – My Acoustic Neuroma Story, was published in 2012 with the goal of helping people deal with difficult medical diagnoses.

A diagnosis of Classical Hodgkin Lymphoma in March of 2014 has offered Miller both another medical challenge and another opportunity to share his adventures with readers.  He will be keeping a journal of his treatment experiences throughout the process here on the website.  You can find them in the “Lymphoma” section.

The articles written for his website often bring new information for those seeking help dealing with medical issues, entertain readers with his unique sense of humor, while some others provide a different viewpoint of current events.

Miller lives in various locations – depending on the latest life changing event – with his wife and Bogey, their retired greyhound.  He is passionate about sailing, cycling, and greyhound rescue.  He is currently at work on his latest novel, scheduled for release in 2014, along with his articles concerning his diurnal medical exploits.